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  • Communal: In this process of coming together, each individual participates in a guided audio recording session that in itself is a meditation on world peace. The result is an audio file that contains various types of breath rhythms performed by that individual. By synchronizing this recording with the recording of everybody else it becomes a contribution to a growing global community of human beings that take a stand for vibrant peace.
  • Political: Breath is the great equalizer - everybody breathes and everybody has to breathe to stay alive. It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, old or young, famous or ordinary, educated or not. It also doesn't matter what color your skin is, what religion you choose, what your political beliefs are or even what language you speak. The biggest horror of war is that people die, so let's use our breath to make a statement for being alive and at peace.
  • Individual: Through a conscious act of breathing for peace the individual has a chance to open up to the miracle of being alive! That fact in and of itself is enough to be thankful for. It may also ignite the interest to use conscious breathing for integration processes that allow a more insightful outlook on life and prevents reactive behavior.
  • Spiritual: The mystics throughout the ages always pointed out that there truly is only one being here and that oneness is the basis of reality. Being part of this project within a growing global community of "Cultural Creatives" increases our much sought after sense of belonging. On an energetic spiritual level, it connects us.
  • Musical: The CD will stand for itself as a musical production. It will appeal to a broad range of listeners because of its innovative aspects and the attraction of a sound that has never been heard before. The power of music transcends borders of all kinds. It truly is an international language that everybody understands.
  • Financial: Through a series of music CDs (later maybe also DVD's and videos) it will be possible to raise funds for further promotion of the world peace movement.

Many more dimensions are imaginable...add your musings and ideas to our Forum! We want to hear from you.

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