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Breathe for Peace

Breathe for Peace – conscious breathing is the easiest path to inner peace and breathing together is the quickest way to realize and feel the supreme truth of our oneness.

Breath connects us all…

Across all races, across all nations, across all religions,
across all sexes, across all worldviews, across all classes…

We share the same air with all human beings and all other fellow sentient beings.

The air we breathe comes from the oceans, the trees, the plants, and all the domains we are living in… the water, the soil, the weather, the wind…

…be with your breath long enough and you will find deep healing, deep peace, and wholeness.

From the early two thousand all the way up to 2017 over the course of 15 years I recorded a total of 220 people from 22 countries. I recorded them individually because our breath is something deeply personal. 

After asking them to contribute the sound of their breathing to this peace project they spend fifteen minutes in a guided meditation in which they breathed in 9 different rhythms and sang one tone. These are not random people…  these are people who have made me who I am.

On top of that list is my wife Ingrid of 40 years+. Without their support, this project would never have happened. My children, Laila and Pablo, who warm my heart and always gave me input from their children’s point of view. My mother participated and helped me in so many ways. I didn’t get to my father since he had passed away before I started this project. 

There are my brothers, all 3 of them (I have no sisters), the larger part of my family young and old, my teachers, friends, partners, fellow musicians, colleagues, and many others that don’t need to have a title… several of them have passed away but the sound of their breath lives on…