Sample Sounds

Examples from my first trials to see if this project can even be done. While I was recording the people listed below I realized that people need a very specific and an easy way to keep the beat otherwise the recording is not usable when combined with others. The experience I gained from recording a few people led to the development of the “Breathe for Peace Meditation“. It’s a guided meditation that guides participants through 9 different breathing patterns and to sing one tone.

Energy for Peace

People who contributed their breath:
Ingrid Hirtz, Laila Hirtz, Pablo Hirtz, Hannelore Nweke, Richard Lamm, Maike Wessel, David S Larkin, Danny Callen, Ocean Bocock, Nancy Bocock, David Hartlerode, Martha Miele, Liza Callen, Forrest Shire, Gila Shire, Richard Lockwood, Chris Beal, Jon Ward, Andrea Ward, Adam Burke, Angelika Zgainer + Creator and Founder Daniel Hirtz

Examples with more people:

Majestic Peace Now

Oneness Choir


More examples of the current production you’ll find on the Call For Help page.

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