The idea came out of Breathe for Peace’s founder, Daniel Hirtz, and his ongoing search to answer the question of how to find a way to contribute to the creation of a peaceful world.

One of the conclusions he came to is that’s it’s not enough to define peace as the absence of war! The majority of people on this planet would agree.

Peace has to be lived in every moment of our lives. Humanity is plagued by the echo of a mostly violent past that still plays out in our nervous system and our collective behavior. Unless we engage in a deliberate way to transform those old painful memories history will repeat itself over and over again.

Living Peace equals Living Oneness because the moment we see each and every human being as part of us all wars lose their relevance as solutions immediately.

Oneness transcends it all… country, race, status, morality, ethics, religion, ideology, politics, etc.

Once we embrace oneness we realize that living peace has many expressions: peace as a vibrant culture, an interconnected lifestyle and a happening that everybody wants to be part of.

Peace is felt as the pulsating life energy that flows in and between us. Through the impact of that new, shared “feeling” we build a “field of oneness” that ultimately will change the world and give birth a new humanity.

This project is the culmination of Daniel’s more than 30 years exploring, dreaming and practicing in various fields of the human potential movement.

“Conscious breathing taught me to deliberately access the state of oneness. The experience of feeling one with the world around me and the people in it changed my life forever. It turned everything into the adventurous journey of finding ways to live oneness in every aspect of my life. I have witnessed over and over that anybody who has that realization develops a never-ending desire to create a world that lives in peace and a global society that is built on love, kindness, and compassion for our fellow human beings and all sentient beings. I am adding a piece to the puzzle with the “Breathe for Peace” project. The process and result will be an expression that will help more and more people to realize the truth of their interconnected being.”

There is only one of us” is the motto of this project.

As much as this statement is mainly used in the spiritual realm, it is true in many other ways: we all share the same living space on this planet – we breathe the same air and drink the same water. The actions of other people affect us around the globe. With the trend toward globalization, our lives are undeniably interconnected and getting even more so every day.

The multidimensional nature of this project is what makes it so exciting.

Breathe for Peace is an open invitation to all.

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