Meditation – Prayer

These are the sections of the meditation/prayer that the recording of your breath will be based upon. It took a very long time, deep soul searching and, most of all many conversations with wonderful people to come up with these “needs of peace”. Of course, I considered “Love” to be one of the topics but then I realized that love is the overarching quality that is present in every one of these topics.

Here is the link to the meditation:


These are the sections that each have a breathing pattern connected to it. For number 10 you sing a simple tone for the “Oneness Choir”.

      1. Peace Now
      2. Dream of Peace
      3. Listening for Peace
      4. Forever Forgiving
      5. Energy for Peace
      6. Celebrating Peace
      7. Compassion
      8. Giving Life
      9. Gratitude
      10. Oneness

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